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"I've been privileged to have Michael in my life for over 2 decades. I know in my soul he is the most talented artist I've known. His work proves me correct! Every piece we collect brings us such joy I can't ever thank him enough!"


— Patrick Jones, Minneapolis MN



"When people visit, their eyes wander our living room, drinking in the four original MQ paintings. The artwork always create conversation. Our friends want to know who is the artist, how do we know him, etc. Sometimes, we will hop to Mike's website and browse the gallery. They're amazed at Mike's varied styles and outstanding use of color."

— Julie Spellman, Portland OR



“With every brush stroke you can see Quellier’s attention to detail come shining through.  He utilizes vivid colors, textures, and depth to all mediums he touches. We commissioned a piece through Michael and he took time to speak to my husband and I on where the art would be located in and our household color palate. He is truly a joy to work with and we cannot wait until we can work with him again! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.”


— Michelle Rova, Plymouth MN



“A Michael Quellier art piece in the home is an invitation of solitude and serenity. The three chosen pieces in my collection have been a source of retreat, power, and whimsy. Though eclectic in my art, Michael’s pieces have always worked well with each of my additional pieces and have been a focal point as some of my more bolder works. I look forward to enhancing my collection with his individualistic style and urge any potential buyers to begin their own collection. His work is not just a statement of his talent but an investment as well.”


— Rick Ryan, Houston TX



"I've looked through hundreds of other local artist's works. I've gone to art fairs and walked through art crawls. Some of the artwork was incredible but way over priced or simply not in alignment with my personal tastes. Most of it sub-par and in the end, nothing I'd want to put on my home walls which left me feeling a touch hopeless. Then I found Quellier's website and found several stunning pieces that worked perfectly with my decor. I'm so glad I contacted Mike. He made the purchase and delivery personable and easy. I keep going back to purchase from him for all of these reasons."


— V. Banques, Boston MA



“I knew I needed something in my bedroom with a burst of color and I knew I wanted it to be yellow. I just didn’t know what “it” was that I wanted to put on my wall. Then I found “Ancient Wisdom of trees” and I knew from then on, that’s what I wanted!”


— Matt Lunde, Minneapolis MN



“I have always wanted a piece of original art for my home. When I saw Michael’s paintings I was very impressed and immediately wanted one. The painting I bought, “Midnight Harbor”, really fit in well with the color scheme and theme in my new condo. It was both intriguing, abstract and modern.”


— Anthony Baldman, San Diego CA



“The art I purchased from Quellier looks great in my downtown loft. I’ve had the piece over a year and I still get compliments on it. I recently went so far as to rearrange the lighting in my home to highlight the art. I’m looking forward to another Quellier piece!“


— Donald McFarland, Minneapolis MN




“I love Daydream Forest. Like many of MQ’s works, its not just that the piece jumps off the wall (which it does), but moreover, it invites you in, seeing the vibrant colors and gorgeous movements of light MQ sees in the world.”


— Stephen Sporer, Saint Paul MN



“Through astounding use of color, visual rhythm, and composition, a Quellier original easily and effortlessly breathes new life into any room.”


— Brian Dellascio, Chemlsford Mass



“Summer of 2009, I went to the Louvre in Paris and sat in front of the real Winged Victory for hours, enjoying its magnificent splender. When I returned home, I stopped by the Wilde Roast and saw Quellier’s rendition. I looked at it and said, ‘I need that painting.’ Quellier’s painting brings the epic force of the Winged Victory into a modern piece that is enjoyed in my home daily. Now, people ask me constantly about the painting and about Michael’s work. Thank you, Michael.”


— Nick Pavlick, Saint Paul MN



“‘Raven & Ghostwood’ captured me at first glance, with its dark imagery of raven perched curiously atop the remnants of an old tree, peering around as though he just flew in moments before the painting was finished. Though a dark scene, it is mysterious enough to be either sunrise or sunset, an example of how it offers itself to the imagination on many levels. Fantastic work of art.”


— Shane Nygaard, Minneapolis MN



"Some artists are known solely for their landscapes, while others specialize in only portraits, or abstracts. But Michael has proven that he is capable of creating art that is not confined to just one genre, which is exactly why I own several of Michael’s art. With each new piece, he catches our eye and invites us into his world."


— John Medeiros, Minneapolis MN



"Owning an exclusive piece of Quellier artwork is so rewarding. Michael made the experience of getting customized art for my personal office needs both enjoyable and satisfying."


— B. Moon, Minneapolis MN





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