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Serene, intriguing, mystical, powerful. These are the emotions and impressions typically evoked by the multifaceted artist Michael Quellier. Since early childhood, Michael was drawn to art though sketching, painting and a fascination with various mediums. During his early years in central Minnesota, his love of art and emerging talent lead to Michael winning numerous contests, awards and ultimately several scholarships. Michael gained inspiration from artists including Salvador Dali, Picasso and Tamara de Lempicka while exploring various styles.


Michael’s abstract art can be described as a series of bold and mystical worlds on canvas or panel. His various forms, spread in translucent layers, intersect energetic pools of bold color or gray-scale hues over complex textures, just as thought and emotion interact in the realms of consciousness. The beauty of a Quellier abstract reveals a carefully orchestrated contrast of chaos and structure, a result and influence of esoteric studies from various New Age Spiritualists and Metaphysical Teachers.


In Michael’s words, “The canvas is an exploration of polarity, where chaos resists the boundaries of structure. The result is a beautiful symbiosis of these diametric forces. What evolves is part random manifestation of spontaneity of free form and texture within the intention of structured color and composition. The art is a visual conversation between the head and the heart. The dance of logic with emotion. We all have various appetites; I find that painting feeds my constant compulsion to create. Joy is experienced when each viewer shares their individual interpretation of a piece as I find that we are all energetic filters, co-creating our unique experience of consciousness.”



It's highly impressive to walk into someone’s home to discover a collection of art. Even one well-placed piece speaks volumes of the owner’s sense of aesthetic and style. Owning Quellier art adds to the wondrous story of who you are and how you express yourself. For some buyers, the art reflects a fresh beginning after purchasing a first home, and for another it signified overcoming a personal life challenge with symbolism of hope and healing.  Growing a personal collection also may be an opportunity to make an investment symbolic of newfound financial status. Owning or collecting Quellier art helps to elevate your standard of living. You can express yourself by owning art and be admired. I'm more than happy to help guide you through the artwork acquisition process. I make it simple, careful and easy to select a piece that is available or to custom create a commissioned piece. You deserve to live a life that is inspired.


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Michael’s work has been enjoyed by private and corporate collectors nationally. On occasion Michael donates select pieces to silent auctions to help raise money for various charities.




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